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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  June 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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have tough decisions, and before we get finished, i bet we're going to have to go back to the people. and get their vote on how we're going to do things going forward. >> the g.o.p. is celebrating the end of the temporary tax hikes, calling today freedz yom from higher taxes day. the estimate the average household will save about a thousand dollars per year. >> our agenda was to put money back into taxpayer pockets and prioritize with what dollars we had z put them into a place we feel are important to taxpayers. >> the budget reduces spending on welfare programs and slashes a quarter funding for uc and csu system autos high hopes among retailers the 1% trop will stimulate california's economy. as abc 7 reports, it's a change that will cost the state $4.5 billion. >> the formula is simple enough f you spend a dollar,
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it means you'll pay a penny less in sales taxes but pennies add up, short changing the state $4.5 billion. but consumers saving $4.5 billion. restaurants and auto dealers hope savings translates into spending. take this $42,000 minivan. >> tomorrow this, car with tax you save 428.59s wind advisories out negotiation from today to tomorrow. >> consumers like the idea of lower sales taxes and wonder if the state could use the revenue. >> i just as soon, to be honest with you, state needs it more than i do. >> other consumers find a modest cut worth to it postpone a purchase until this takes forecast. >> to have a customer hold off on a dish washer purchase for a $5 savings. >> that says a lot, doesn't it?. >> i understand that. >> the sales tax cut will have an unexpected impact at stores that price food oor goods so
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after taxes they come out in round numbers, 4th street pizza is going to have to stock up on pennies. why? if you pay with $4 you're going to get four pennies back. the change means reprogramming cash registers overnight. >> there is a simple cash register system here. it won't take too much time. 20 or 30 minute autos california collected $42.2 billion in sales taxes last year. where does it go? this board says a half percent goes into public safety fund, another half percent supports health and social service programs and 1% to provide operations. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and california teachers won a major budget victory this week. one of the so called trailer bills passed quietly tuesday night prohibiting school districts from laying off more teachers for 12 months,
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requiring them to maintain current staffing levels, even if a revenue short fall triggers another round of cuts in sacramento. the president of the california teachers association says it will provide stability into schools. the officials say it will make it difficult to manage their finances. another trailer bill redirects $130 million in vehicle license fees normally helping pay for services. the league of california cities today called it a fiscal nightmare, and called on the governor to veto the measure saying waits passed so quickly that lawmakers may not have known what they were actually voting for. >> it's down to the wire in oakland. city leaders meeting now trying to balance city massive budget deficit before the midnight deadline. we're live outside and is it looking like they're going to make it?. >> well..., the truth is that if they don't, the city budget is going to continue to grow. the city council is inside city hall now, still debating things like how many police
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officers to cover in this budget that. comes after an entire day of closed-door negotiations so you know they still have a long way to go. but the only problem is that there is not much time left. >> these seniors cut up the dance floor twice per week at the seenern center, now it appears they'll be spared cuts, guys like joe peoples will have a place to show off their moves. >> i've been coming here, i guess 25 year autos the city council is down the final hours. and by july 1, tomorrow, the $58 million deficit must be balanced to get out of the red, the city approved a $28 million sale of the henry j kaiser convention center and after negotiation was city worker unions, the city council struck a tentative deal. and worker as agreed to give back more than $30 million. >> so.
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>> by doing that they've saved our libraries and programs that the city loves. i want to thank them. >> cuts to services like a plan to close nearly all libraries will be shelfed for now. but there will be painful cuts. as many as 200 workers could be laid off. city offices will have 15 furlough days per year, after fire station koz have rotating closures mean something will trim about $8,000 from their paychecks. but union leaders say there is no choice. >> and and these seniors are glad to do their part on the dance floor. >> a lot of people have no
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outlet where it's safe to go. >> now, these are deals still going to need to be ratified and worker who's have undergone a number of cuts, including a large group of layoffs last year, other unions have undergone a 13% pay cut in two years so this decision to include more cuts for this budget is not going come easy. and in san jose, it's black thursday for men and women wearing blue. dozens of police officers looking for new jobs tonight and things must be pretty glum. >> reporter: they are. there was a group of officers there that had on their tee shirts from two years ago with the motto never quit. one officer had some 6 -- tape
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over his label that made it read "fers forced to quit". 67 san jose police officers turned in their badges, the first time the city has ever resorted to layoffs. >> everyone is sad and angry about everything going on. >> anger directed at the mayor, who says out of control pension costs with a $115 million deficit left few options its going up. costs going up so much. we had to shrink the department. >> union members took a cut in pay to save 156 police jobs but it wasn't enough to avoid layoffs. the union says says the mayor and counsel majority made wrong choices. >> i think the mayor and city manager's office mismanaged this situation. and... whatever ill happens to the he citizens of san jose
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moving forward sh they own it. >> the city had 28 murders so far this year. and now, has just over 11 one officer autos we're short staffed. i can't tell you how many times we're on something. shootings and stabbings, saying we need more officers and there is no more officers to help. >> and they hope to put more officers on patrol, putting a priority on call skpsz crimes. and some have signed on, and carlos is still looking. >> this is a -- i have a child and a wife. i've got to do whatever toik take care miff family. find employment elsewhere. >> and these layoffs hit hard, but they don't solve the problem of pension reform, that could result in a march ballot measure aimed at
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reigning in costs. >> thank you. >> san jose police department is also losing one of the leaders tonight. the assistant chief has been hired as chief of police and spent 25 years on the police force, taking over in hayward for outgoing chief who is retiring. >> eight bay area investor as agreed to plead guilty to federal charges of rating bids at public foreclosure auctions. eight member agreed not to bid. one bought a property they'd hold a private auction and then split the difference in price among themselves. the u.s. attorney's office saying quote the collusion take plaigs is artificially driving down foreclosed home prices and lining the pockets of investors. the eight men have been charged with conspiracy and mail fraud by a task force splished by the president to crack down on financial crimes.
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>> the coroner determined an accidental error by hospital staff contributed to the death of a patient. the 52-year-old died minutes after staff insert aid breathing tube into her throat. the coroner found the staff did not verify the vent later was working before leaving her room. in a statement to abc 7 a spokesperson says corrective actions were taken and every staff member who works in considerate cam care environments has been educated on the new steps. >> a lot more to bring you here. still to come, illegal fire works. a timely reminder on how destructive they can be. >> also, coming up, earth's chaempking climate in the impact it could have soon on the napa valley wine industry there is a string of hot days coming our way.
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how hot, hot is in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and also, now you see it, soon, you won't. a remarkable break through that can virtually erase a scar. stay with us.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. with 4th of july weekend upon us, reminders are going out. a number of cities do sell safe one but those are illegal in most parts of the bay area. we're live in dublin at one of the legal fire works stands. laura? >> that is right. i'm standing inside of one of the many legal fire works stands here in dublin.
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again, these are the legal variety. they're illegal in many cities around the bay area. what police and firefighters are worried about are not the fire works sold here, but once sold out on the streets. at the long 4th of july weekend aroaches fire officials took an opportunity to remind everyone how destructive illegal fire works can be. here, an illegal film ignites in a matter of seconds. >> majority of the fires we can see starting in our jurisdiction are related to fire works, bottle rockets skpechl ploding firecrackers, m 80s and large fire works that discharge from a tube putting sparks on the air. >> into union city plea, confiscated illegal fire work as head of the holiday. >> mostly bottle rockets. occasion ym -- sometimes mortar types, those are
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illegal. during week prior to the 4th of july there is special endorsement out. looking for illegal fire work autos two killer bee autos union city happens to be one of the three cities that sell safe and sane fire works, others are newark and dublin. these boys say they know how to enjoy fire works safely. >> light it up. then, back as fast as we can so we don't blow up, and stuff. >> but then, like... far way from the house and if they're loud, just run inside. >> this is cool. >> official says these are not the type that give them much trouble on the force. these are illegal kind, typically shot off on the 4th. displays fire departments will
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try to snuff out quickly. when it comes to any type of fire works, oakland will be aggressive this year, fines and jail time for those with large quantities, especially of illegal fire works. the city also has set up a bilingual and a anonymous hot line number for citizens to report illegal activities. and there are barrels spread throughout the city for those who would like to turn in their fire works. that information is on our web site abc 7 in oakland abc 7 news. >> and a reminder that bears repeating this time of the year. wine growers in oregon got good news today, climate change improving growing conditions and quality of their wines. but as wayne freedman reports that study doesn't paint such a rosie future for napa valley. for a cabernet vine this, was a perfect 85 degree day. the kind of weather plants like, and the men who grow
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them like more. >> it's normal for end of june, beginning of july. >> matt ashby runs operations for mondavi. a study has been looking at affects of global warming on california wine and his conclugsz are scary. he predicts a two-degree rise in temperatures that could render half of napa valley vineyards unfit for producing premium vintage autos when looking at napa valley, we find that the area that is suitable for wine production is likely to decrease as a result of global warming. >> accord together study the biggest danger is not from a temperature rise or two, but from affect of very hot days on these vines, right now getting maybe owe 30 days per year with temperatures exceeding 95 degree buzz in 30 years they may see 40 hot day autos in the for seeable future it's manageable.
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it would be irresponsible to be calling the death now for the industry. >> for carey hull this is one about climate change studies. in february, growers published their own study showing night temperatures increased by one degree, daytime numbers remain the same. the stanford study does not have them convinced yet. >> it's too much of a broad stroke of agriculture into the western united states. >> for napa this recommends planting with lower quality grapes, growers are not sure that will be necessary. >> i don't think that is going to end grape production, we're just going to have to adapt how to grow those grapes. >> there is an adaptation with a three-decade warning. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> and we'll take a look not as far as three decades now but just days hitting this holiday weekend. >> looking terrific. >> looking good.
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>> there is a live definition looking towards questions and there is a beautiful evening around the bay area, fog away from the coast and sunny skies in every direction z here is a look at our satellite showing this afternoon fog is burning away most of the coastline resulting in a sunny skies and warm day. high temperatures 84 at livermore. and 85 in antioch. these locations 14, 15 degrees warmer. more than 20 degrees warmer than two days ago. warm up has bee gub around the bay area that will continue to get warmer. right now, temperatures into low 80s and 63 in half moon bay. highlights, patchy fog and there are hot days inland into next week.
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low temperatures on the mild side. mainly mid-50s upper 50s into more eastern inland locations like antioch. and there is patchy coastal fog. satellite shows high pressure, a huge ridge building in now going give us a string of sunny skies and hot days inland, high temperatures near 100 degrees into warmest locations. forecast animation at 5:00, we'll see patchy fog burning away quickly, giving way to sunny skies from the coast to inland areas. high temperatures on the coast will be into mid-60s and warmest inland locations tomorrow, mid-90s and they won't stop there and will be rising throughout the weekend. highs into south bay into mid to upper 80s, 85 san jose. 87 saratoga. we'll see upper 70s to low 80s on the peninsula. and downtown san francisco there is a high of 71 tomorrow,
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65 into sunset and low 90s in clover dale. and inland east bay, upper 80s to low 90s. and 91 in concord and 91 in gilroy. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a drop off in temperatures monday, by two degrees, making for a comfortable and warm 4th of july, highs around 98, mid-80s around the bay. and upper 60s to 70s on the coast. awesome weather coming our way. >> we'll have complaints. when is goiting to cool down? >> and that is right. >> good news. >> thank you. >> and coming up, seizure of a
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dozen rabbits from an apartment. >> new questions about what should be allowed in an urban setting, stay with us. li
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rescue of 21 rabbits being raised for food is putting the city's urban farming law under scrutiny. the bunnies, active in this video are in better shape now than when found. they were stacked on top of one another in small cages forced to urine yait on one another. they were being raised for food with and an attempt to
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relax regulations has an animal shelter worried. >> we want to see regulations continue to be strict around raising for animals for food in an urban environment. >> the oakland animal services shelder is looking for good homes for the bunnies. they say they make perfect indoor pets and quickly learn to use litter box autos after two decades on the endangered speesy list, northern spotted owl appears to be losing ground. u.s. fish and wildlife reported numbers are dropping at a rate 3% per year. the spotted owls preferred habitat is old growth forests and logging has been restricted in order to protect it. now it appears a big threat is from a rifleal speesy, warn owl encroaching on spotted owl's territory. >> midnight there will be a new ambulance service in santa clara county.
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rural metro workers were getting gear together to begin servicing the south bay for five years. 95% of the staff was previously employed at amr, providing ambulance services in the county since 1979. the company getting 55 new ambulances equipped with new technologies. >> technology that they'll be seeing includes new cardiac monitors that can transmit patient data to the hospital. and prior to patient arriveal there. >> the rur fleet will count on five special vehicles that will transport and treat obese patients. >> tonight new at 6:30, lapd investigators come to the bay area to help find a missing teenager. a student from india somehow got left behind. >> and tonight a look at a massive tunneling project and the water it will deliver throughout the bay area. >> and britain's royal couple, will and kate making their
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north american debut as newlyweds.
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a high school student from india has vanished while visiting california with a tour group. he is 15 years old, speaks limited english and now missing for a week. johnathon bloom is in the newsroom with the story. >> police say there is no sign of him yet and they're running out of ideas. the group is now here in san francisco ai. week ago, in l.a. where he was last seen. police went public with this case for the first time, and faced criticism for not telling the media sooner. >> why wait a week? >> the investigation was ongoing and we're following through and the leads haven't panned out to be leads leading to us locating him. >> did you want to keep this quiet?
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>> no. >> police say they've guided -- . >> decided to tell the public after the investigation hit a dead end. they're hoping someone has seen or heard from the 15-year-old, last spotted june 23, taking pictures outside of the los angeles hotel. the tour group is now in san francisco. police are interviewing them with the help of interpretors. >> he run away? >> we don't know. >> police also don't believe he was kidnapped. sing, five eight and 130 pounds with a slim build was last seen wearing a gray shirt, tan pants, carrying a red backpack. police say he has droopy eyes and wears a diamond stud earring in his right ear. he was one of 35 students traveling for a 10 day tour of california. the last three days spent in san francisco. the group had a packed itinerary including california kad my of sciences and other destinations they spent the afternoon on this bus outside
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of the indian consulate. police escorted each student and teacher off the tour bus for individual interviews inside of the building with detective who's flew here to meet them. so far, police say they've learned sing speaks limited english with z.had a substantial amount of money in his pocket. and details are vague. >> there is no indication there is any foul play whatever. >> now, we spoke to some chaperones and none of them wanted to be interviewed. police say they're concerned he might have arranged to be picked up by someone he met over the internet. >> and outgoing defense secretary gates was honored twod a specialder moan there. was a lot of pomp and circumstance on the ground for the last full day on the job. the president surprised the former cia director, presenting whim a medal of freedom.
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>> today, you're not only one of the longest-serving secretaries of defense in american history but it's also clear that you've been one of the best. >> gates replaced donald rumsfeld under then-president george w. bush to deal with the crisis in iraq. his term ends tomorrow, when leon pinetta gets sworn in. >> treasury secretary says he plans to stay in the cabinet for the for seeable future, both reported he had been thinking about stepping down once there is a deal on raising limits. the senate today cancelled its july 4th recess to continue working on a agreement. standard and poor's said would it assign a low credit rate fgt government gos into default. >> nearly every business will be getting a tax break tomorrow when a tax expires, imposed 35 years ago. it's a modest cut, $14 per
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year but will save businesses $14 billion over the next decade. and tonight's money matters wall street closes out second quarter in a very big way. dow jones added 152 points today, nasdaq gaining 33. and greece passed another measure helping and there was a good report on manufacturing in the mid west. for june, dow is down by 1.3%, but if gou back to the first of the year, as this graph does, you can see it's actually up, more than 800 points. or 7.2%. >> prince will skbrim princess kate touched down in canada today on the first official overseas trip. the royal couple got a welcome when laying a wreath at the national war memorial. the newlyweds taking part in celebrations, open the calgary stampede, and hand out flags during their nine day tour, they head to southern california next friday,
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introducing british film stars to executives at a gala din skbrer will be visiting with inner city school children and take part in a charity polo match in santa barbara. >> when we come back tonight, doctors develop a way to erase the ugly scars of surgery. >> originally kons yepgs is that we'd make bad scars good and good scars perfect.
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orks a strike by tixit agents will stop ferries tomorrow so be aware of that. the agents union wants to stop the stop replacing them with ticket machines. ferry riders can use clipper cards for the bus fares tomorrow. >> from routine c sections to complex surgeries patients can expect to have one thing in common. a deep and lasting scar. but researchers believe a simple device could soon change that. no matter how carefully a surgeon closes an incision, scarring is part of the heal prog ses. but now, researchers say they've come with a way to limit it originally kons yepgs is that made make bad scar goods good, scars perfect. >> to achieve that, the team began mapping the force that
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typically pulls on an incision after sutures are removed and then began experimenting with stretchable material was the goal of immobilizing the area while its healing. >> bandage is removed and it constricts. you can sense there is like a soft tissue split. >> the result is a new kind of elastic stretched over the skin with adhesive. the band is pulling the skin towards the incision line. the difference in pressure is slight, the results in trials are clearly visible. the left side was left to heal, and the right side was covered with the elastic sheet. >> this prevents the force that's make those scars look worse and worse. >> the team is now expabd panding with a goal of repeating results in patients with different types, if successful, they believe the elastic stretch shield could become a routine treatment.
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>> we're very excited because we've proven it works in humans. this eliminates one of the key factors in this healing, making scars form. >> and the current version does not contain medications but the doctor says future versions will combine factors to enhance healing. >> interesting. and could you handle two and a half hours of this? well, just ahead, don sanchez tells us if trance formers three is worth your time. stay wititititititititititititit
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in a couple weeks construction crews will fire up a massive boring machine cutting a tunnel under san francisco bay. part of a retro fit of the aging hetch hetchy system supplying two million of us with water. we've got a look at the project. it's a story only on 7. >> from the ground, you probably have no idea what is about to happen along this former salt marsh. take a look. yum see a hole, 11 stories deep that will be the gateway
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for a new water pipe that will serve millions of people in the bay area. construction crews showed abc 7 around this ground break prog jekt. >> this will be the first tunnel under the bay. >> unlike the bart tunnel, constructed from a series of tubes that rest on the bottom of the bay, this new five-mile tunnel will be carved out of the earth under the way from menlo park to newark. at the bottom, yorks are assemblying a $10 million digging machine made in japan, shipped in 65 crates. >> and there is about 200 horse power drive motors. >> this monster will have the power to tear through up to 50 feet of mud, sand and rock every day, sending it out on a belt. the tunnel will be lined with concrete to reenforce the opening and protect the workers. >> this is one of the most safe tunnels you can work in.
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there is never exposed to outside dirt, rock, whatever is interest. >> now it's making sure we're happy with how to get started. >> in just weeks workers will be drilling. >> once we're done we'll come back to put in pipes that will be delivering the water. >> san francisco public utilities commission owns the water system. the old pipes build in 1925 and 1936 have reached an end of their lives. engineers say the existing pipelines that run over the bay won't survive a major earthquake ai. failure could jeopardize the water supply. the bay tunnel designed to withstand a quake on other the san andraaes or hayward fault autos we'll be able to take a bite out of operation between menlo park and newark. >> voters passed a bond
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measure to fund a massive overhaul of the hetch hetchy water system. the network deliver water 167 miles from hetch hetchy reservoir in yosemite national park to crystal springs reservoir along i 280. the tunnel is scheduled to be complete bid 2015, expected to cost $313 million. >> it's an engineering feat. and keep this in mind. when the pipeline was first corrected, so many years ago there were few environmental concerns but today running near a wildlife refuge meaning sounds and movement need to be minimized and steps are needed to protect the endangered species in that area. it's some project. >> and let's take a look at the warming forecast with spencer christian. >> starting with a look at the satellite image showing a strain of hot days inland coming our way. so far, it looks like five to
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seven days long. high temperatures tomorrow, here in the bay area into low to mid-90s inland. other locations around the bay 70s and 80s and mid-60s on the coast. there is a look at travel weather. state wide, highs into mid to upper 90s. there is 113 degrees in palm springs. that is nothing. saturday, 114 degrees in palm springs. 103 in fresno. nearly 100 in chico. it's getting warm, and here in the bay area, here is our accu-weather forecast. next seven days highs to be into mid to upper 90s and close to 100 saturday and sunday. and visibility monday night looks like it's going to be good. >> excellent and good to hear. >> and transformers "dark of the knight" had the best opening day of any movie this year, $37 million. affects by industrial light and magic.
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and they're most difficult affects they've ever created. everything you can see in this scene has been created in san francisco, in computers by industrial light and magic. >> less time to do this movie. 30% more work. and it was stereo. i don't know how we got this done. >> he means 3 d. whatever affect create they had have to do it twice. scott is just back from the premier, we walked on a sound stage. i gave ilm a full bucket. >> thousands of parts of a robot have to be created by model makers here in the building. it's just like going into the garage and making those pieces. >> last hour of the film is in chicago. here is a light shot. >> a few explosions is real. that is not. that is not that. is not.
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>> no ships were there. >> this is the show piece. and complex. >> it's one of the most-difficult things we've ever produced. >> they photograph buildings in the area from every angle. >> but this is all real. except for a building in the center. but this building is lifted with 100% from photograph yeef a real building. >> it's the largest model ever built and took months. >> this combination, 288 hours per frame. >> yes. 12 days for just one frame for one eye. so double it. film projected in 24 frames per second. consider the math this, is monumental. >> i don't think i've n busier, ever, on a movie. >> now, showing off the product on the big screen. >> and well, oakland a's hitting a home run where br they took the field today
6:50 pm
against the marlins. >> players and coaches joined force was local celebrities to serve root beer floats to fan autos our own dan noyes was among the celebrities there. there he s look at him working and doing a great job out there. >> this has been since 2003, raising $230,000 for this cause. >> hard work we've done it before. >> looks like smaller ice cream there may be easier to scoop. >> and there is another sports lockout seememememem
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you can see
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hope you can join me tonight at 9:00. coming up then, on notice. >> it's cracked right here, you can clearly see where it's coming through the dam. >> his house is in the way. what state officials plan to do about cracks in a dam. >> then arkt 11:00 the bed bug problem sweeping through the south bay. why the health department stopped responding to calls. >> bed bugs were a huge problem last year. >> let's talk about baseball. >> yes.
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>> nothing worse than getting traded as a pro athlete during the season. a's trading mark ellis to colorado today for bruce billings and a player to be named later, ellis longest player with the team, 10 year buzz went on the dl with a hamstring injury. and el list lost his starting job. he played his stint with oakland and handled with class. to be back in the starting line up for rockies. and there is a's hosting of florida. there is $29,000 raised for juvenile diabetes. the recent struggles continue. fifth inning. john buck a two-run double to left center a's with a late rally. there is is kurt suesee yuky. a line drive to left. all of a sudden, the lead... is cut to one. and weeks is the last hope of
6:55 pm
swinging and a miss to end up. 5-4, the final. giants have 18 hits in the first of four games against the cubs, they've stug struggled. game four today and the drought is on. one run going into the bottom of the 9th and brian wilson gives up a one out home run to ramirez that sends the game into extra innings. giants hit list for 10 and a third innings. and untying it into the 13th just six on the year, giants back on top. and ramirez can't hold the lead. two outs and there is a single to left. seweddy ross coming home. the airmails to throw. game tied at two. and soto, pinch hitting. see ya. three-run walk off homer to left. there two straight in detroit to start a three-game set tomorrow. nfl and now nba fans may have to find a hobby. the nfl players are locked out
6:56 pm
and owners set to lock out players tonight at midnight when the collective bargaining agreement expires. issues according to owners, 22 of the 30 teams in the red this year. $300 million in loss was a hard cap around $45 million opposed to soft cap that currently exists. and derek fisher playing on player's behalf today. >> there are a lot of fans and people following our game. and there is something our owners feel is the best way to maybe get what they want. and we don't agree. >> and and maria, was 17 in 2004 facing and roared back
6:57 pm
and despite 13 double faults, he she's advancing with a straight sets victory. and sharapova facing ka vismt tava. the left hander with 40 winners and was hitting winners from everywhere. it will be the first birth in a grand slam final. and semi set for tomorrow, should be interesting. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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